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Third Mission Monitor

Third Mission is a very important and up-to-date topic. All over the world projects on Third Mission exist. In the future Third Mission projects will be monitored on this website.

Germany: FIFTH

FIFTH is the abbreviation for “Facets and Indicators for Research and research related Third Mission at Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS)”. In this project the CHE strives to develop a core set of indicators for research and research-related Third Mission-activities of the German universities of applied sciences (UAS). The German UAS have distinct profiles and own strengths with respect to their research and Third Mission-activities: applied research, industry-university cooperation, shared labs and centres of innovation. Therefore they cannot and should not be compared with universities, which focus on basic research.

Duration of the project: September 2013-Oktober 2016

Download: FIFTH Presentation (September 2014)

Germany: BeMission

The project BeMission with the subtitle ‘third mission in the performance assessment at universities’ is another German project, in which the HoF [Institute for Higher Education Research, Wittenberg] is involved. In this project the HoF searches for a systematization of third mission as a basic step before an evaluation approach can be developed. The project should be completed with a suitable reporting format for the universities to enhance the entry of third mission in higher-education reputational mechanisms.

Duration of the project: November 2013 – October 2016

Information on the project

Austria: Wien und die “Third Mission“ der Hochschulen

The Austrian project, which was concluded in 2012, focused on the latest higher-education discourses in Europe. The IHS [Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna] and WU [University of Economics, Vienna] had the aim to derive relevant issues regarding third mission of European higher education institutions, which can be helpful by implementing third mission in the Austrian higher education system. This should be the first step before further developments in terms of innovation and higher education policies can follow.

Duration of the project: January 2012 – December 2012

Download: Final evaluation report – Wien und die “Third Mission” der Hochschulen

Germany: RegTrans

The German project with the subtitle ‘regional transfer effects of diverse universities’, which was concluded in 2014, was carried out by NIERS [Niederrhein Institute for Regional and Structural Research] and the Ruhr-University Bochum with three main objectives: Elaboration and verification of the relevance of the different transfer channels and higher education institutions' position in their regional innovation systems, identification of main determinants and conditions regarding these transfer channels and developing clues for an optimal usage of the HEI resources. Third mission became topical inter alia in terms of suitable support for regional higher education development.

Duration of the project: Spring 2011 – Spring 2014

Downloads:  Final evaluation report – RegTrans

Europe: U3M – AL

Developing Third Mission activities in Albanian Universities’ was the subtitle of the European project, which was supported by the European Commission within the TEMPUS programme. The working group was composed of selected european university members. U3M – AL focused on promoting 3M activities in Albanian universities, training university staff, establishing Regional Development Centres in charge of 3M activities in each public university and  finally creating an Albanian network for promoting 3M activities at national  level. The promotion of cultural and structural reforms in universities was aimed. The role of the socioeconomic environment was also critical for the success of this project. In this sense, the project's aim was to promote the relationships with regional industry, employers, public authorities and the society at large.

Duration of the project: October 2013 – October 2014

Download: Final evaluation report – U3M-AL

Africa: ITMUA

The project ‘Implementing the Third Mission of Universities in Africa’ was an 18 month collaborative regional research project supported by the UK Department for International Development [DFID] in Africa under the Mobilizing Regional Capacity Initiative [MRCI]. It focused on the extent to which four African universities were implementing their community service mission in relation to the MDGs – particularly those goals related to poverty reduction, education and health. A key challenge for African universities is how to match global demands for higher education as a commodity for knowledge production whilst preserving indigenous qualities of pedagogy, identity and relevance to regional and local development needs. The overall theme of the project was the link between the third mission of universities (community service) and regional development needs.

Duration of the project: January 2010 – August 2011   

Download: ITMUA Research Paper